Note before use of electric welding machine

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The insulation resistance of the winding, the winding and the casing is greatly reduced, and the short circuit and grounding are easy to occur in the beginning of the use of the electric welding machine, which is easy to cause the equipment and personal accident. So before using the shake table to check whether the insulation resistance is qualified.

Before starting the new electric welding machine, should check whether the parts of the electrical system contactor is good, that is normal, can start trial operation in no load. Prove no electrical hazards, can be used in the load test run, and finally put into the normal operation.

DC electric welding machine shall be in accordance with the provisions of the direction of rotation, with the fan should pay attention to the fan rotation direction is correct, should be used by the top blow out. In order to achieve the purpose of cooling electric welding machine

1, should be based on the technical conditions of the workpiece, the use of reasonable welding process (welding electrodes, welding current and temporary load rate), does not allow the use of overload, and should be used as far as possible without power outage. Large current is not allowed to be used for welding, and the welding machine is not allowed to be used for metal cutting operation.

2, in the load welding, welding machine temperature should not exceed a class a B, 80C level 60C, or should be shut down after cooling, and then welding.

3, electric welding machine working site should be kept dry, well ventilated. Mobile electric welding machine, should be cut off the power, not to use the method of pulling the cable to move the welding machine, such as welding in a sudden power cut, should be cut off the power supply.

4, in welding, no regulating current, must use the handle to adjust the welding current, not too fast too fast, so as not to damage the regulator.

5, DC welding machine, should check the direction of rotation of the rotor to meet the direction of the direction of the welding machine logo.

6, DC welder brush frame edge and the surface of the commutator clearance shall not be less than 2-3MM, and often adjust and wipe the dirt.

7, silicon rectifier welder, must first open the fan motor, voltage meter indication should be normal, should carefully listen to abnormal sound. After shutdown, should clean silicon rectifier and other components.

8, it is prohibited to use shake table test of the main transformer of the silicon rectifier transformer secondary coil and control of the secondary coil of the transformer.

9, must be in the wet welding, the welder should stand on the insulation board, welding wire are not allowed to touch by hand, no arm clamping charged electrode holder, so as to avoid the electric shock.