Analysis of welding knowledge of aluminum tube

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We need to know some knowledge of welding when welding aluminum

The 1 electrode cannot get the solder powder with welding torch heating and then dip, because the electrode melting point is too low.

2 welding successfully for aluminum melting effect is better, the rotary cutter point is too low, then the second tube heating, easy deformation.

3 liner must put wet towel, protection in place, because the welding space is small, so be sure to pay attention to the protection of the refrigerator.

4 torch flame is not too long, and must use low heat, otherwise easily melt aluminum dispersing agent.

5 after welding to nylon special slurry for two or three minutes after the cement pipe cooling storage can contact, otherwise the solder joint leakage.

6 electrodes must be evenly coated with the flux, in order to ensure the quality of the solder joint.

7 the welding time is not too long, because the melting point is too low for too long easily lead to aluminum pipe melting or thinning, pressure is easy to leak.