Advantages of pulsed gas shielded arc welding

Update Time :2016-10-19The view :746

1 welding without splash, saving material; no need to clear slag, saving labor cost; surface forming

2 to achieve full position welding: pulse gas protection by electromagnetic force to achieve the transfer of the droplet transfer, basically not affected by gravity, so it can be a good way to achieve full position welding

3 to reduce the incidence of porosity: to prevent the generation of air holes, the requirements of higher gas purity, welding parameters, the mother and the welding wire clean. Pulse gas shielded welding in the same conditions can significantly reduce the incidence of porosity, does not increase the auxiliary equipment, easy to use.

4 thinning of the weld grain: pulse welding, the pulse frequency of the change of the molten pool of the stirring effect, to refine the metal grain size, grain refinement helps to improve the mechanical properties of welded joints.

5 reduces the crack sensitivity: the general welding metal grain is bigger, the solidification is easy to produce the crack. The grain size of metal can be reduced by pulse gas shielded arc welding, the more difficult it is, the more difficult it is to crack when the grain size is smaller.

6: the impact of deep penetration due to the peak current, the penetration depth is larger than that of ordinary gas welding, even at a small current can also achieve high penetration, which can ensure welding without welding wear.

7 double pulse welding is an advanced Pulse GMAW, based on pulse gas on the superposition of a pulse welding without welding swing can ripple effects of the beautiful, also can adapt to this kind of welding welding irregular groove, can also achieve good fusion in low input energy.